Pre Screening

**Note: Not all rentals are listed or managed by Desert Canyon Properties.  We can help you find a rental through any company and knowing all the details ahead of time will prevent any denials or waste of application fees.

How’s your credit? (It is okay to have low credit, we need to know why it’s low and detailed explanation)

Do you have any judgements or collections? If so, on what?

Any Evictions? Any balances with apartments or prior rental companies?

Any Pets?

Any felonies?

Any bankruptcy? If so, when was it discharged?

Do you make at least 3x the amount of rent? Monthly Income?

Do you have move in deposits ready? (1x-1.5x amount of rent, Cleaning $250+, Pet $250+, Admin $100+, and Rent)

Do you plan to move within the next 14-30 days?


Start your Rental Search here.  Click on Type and choose Rentals, let us know which ones your interested in with your response to the above questions and we can help you find a home. FREE Rental home assistance through Desert Canyon Properties.