Desert Canyon Properties Procedures for Renters

Fill out the Desert Canyon Properties Rental Application

Once approved you will sign a lease, addendum and tenant advisory.

If your move in date exceeds 3 days, you will need to provide a $500 earnest deposit to hold the home–this is due within 48 hours of application approval. If you move in as expected, that $500 earnest deposit with will be applied to your standard move-in deposit(s). Should you not move in as planned, the owner retains the $500 earnest deposit as compensation for removing their home from our rental listings.

After deposits are received and all paperwork is completed, you will receive the keys (please note on lease there is an admin fee, non refundable)

You are required to complete a move-in form and return the form within 10 days–this form is your method for documenting any flaws in the rental property at the time of move-in so that you are not held responsible for anything that has been damaged or is not be in working order

Maintenance or Emergency Issues-There are no service fees. Call your Desert Canyon Property Manager immediately with any emergency, or for non-emergency maintenance send an email.

Rent is due BY the 1st, after the 2nd your rent is late. Penalty fees for late rent are as follows: $50 the second day of the month and $10 each day until paid. After 5 days of no payment, you will receive eviction notice.

We will contact you 30 days prior to lease end to ask if you want to renew your lease. If you are looking to rent elsewhere or buy, let your property manager know, they can help you (we are full service agents).

You can pay rent by dropping it off or depositing it to our Chase account.  Shortly we will be providing you an online payment option (we will notify you as soon as this feature is available)

If you don’t know your mailbox number please call your post office and they will be able to provide you that information.

If you ever have questions or issues with your rental property, please contact us any time.


Tenant Advisory