Desert Canyon Properties Rental Application Process

  1. Submit the Rental Application along with two (2) pay stubs and a copy of your photo ID(s) to or Fax to 866-233-5318 (you must be 18 or older to apply and be accepted to rent a property).
  2. Submit your application fee through *PayPal to or drop off the application fee in form of a money order or cash ($45 per person)
  3. If you rent from a private party we will need copies of cashed checks or money order stubs as proof of paid rent for the last 6 months. No handwritten receipts will be accepted.
  4. Agent will fax or email you a W-9

*If you pay through PayPal website and use a debit or credit card please add 3%

*When paying through PayPal, if you select that you are paying for “Goods and Services” they will charge you 3%, therefore, select “Friend” to forego the additional fee.


  1. You must make 3x the amount of rent (Ex: $1000 rent, must make $3000 a month)
  2. No evictions within past 5 years
  3. Poor credit OK, explanation needed, notify us before applying
  4. No collections or judgements for rents or utilities until paid (explanations for all are required)
  5. Ask about restrictions of dog breeds
  6. Please ask about cats

Note: Owner has final approval for all applications – best to ask prior and know your credit, income, pets, collections, and background before applying



  1. 24-48 hours for decision
  2. Once approved, if you are not moving in within 3 days, you need to drop off $500 earnest deposit (later applied to security deposit) to hold the home.
  3. If you decide not to move in, the $500 earnest deposit goes to the owner
    • Homes are only held for a maximum of 30 days
  1. Once you drop off earnest deposit, the lease will be given to you within 48 hours for you to sign, please send back within another 48 hours.
  2. If you are denied, your agent will notify you as we will notify your agent, no further action.
  3. Before you move in, you will need all utilities placed in your name
  4. You must supply proof of rental/pet insurance before move in (insurance to be effective beginning move-in date).