Desert Canyon Property Management

Desert Canyon Properties manage every aspect of your real estate investment for you. Because our offices are in the areas we serve, we are able to be more hands-on with our properties. We are able to do regular drive-by’s and walk through’s to ensure your property is being well-maintained, inside and out. We use other local business so that we are able to respond immediately to any maintenance issues that may arise. Once you have filled out the Property Management Contract, we will provide you the benefits of the following services:

Post the MLS Listing--The MLS listing is internet searchable not only by prospective renters, but also agents outside of Desert Canyon Properties, ensuring your rental property gets tons of exposure. Potential renters contact us direct or are shown your property through their real estate agent who contacts us.

Pull Comps–providing you the best information about your property’s value.  We will make a recommendation and work collaboratively with you to establish the perfect list price.

Screen Applicants–we run background, criminal, legal, credit, rental history and income verification checks to ensure you get good quality renters.

Manage Financial Transactions–we collect all deposits and rental fees

Inspect Your Property--inspections are done three times throughout the year so that we can be sure your property is being well maintained and cared for.

Oversee Emergency and Routine Maintenance--we will hire for required maintenance deemed to be less that $200.  Should we determine necessary maintenance might exceed $200, you will be notified immediately and asked to make the necessary decisions to resolve any issue.

Charge One Monthly Fee–there are never any hidden costs or surprise fees. Our fees are taken out of tenant rental fees at the beginning of each month, starting the second month of a tenants lease.

Policies and Procedures

The fee for listing your home on the MLS is not due until after the home is actually rented, it is taken out of your tenant’s 1st month’s rent (NO UPFRONT COST).

Once tenants are approved, they are required to provide a $500 earnest deposit if their move-in date exceeds 3 days from the time of approval.  They must pay that fee within 48 hours of application acceptance. This allows us to take the home off the market, start the lease, and prepare them for move-in.  Earnest money holds the home for 30 days, should the tenant fail to move in as planned, you retain the $500.

When renters move in as planned, Earnest Money ($500) is applied to their deposits, which includes security deposit, cleaning deposit and a pet deposit (if you allow pets).

Rent is prorated if tenants move in before or after the 1st of the month.

Owner’s are expected to retain deposits in a dedicated account until a renter’s lease expires.   Once your property is inspected at move-out and approved for a deposit return, you must return deposits to the tenant within 14 business days.

Rent is due the 1st of each month.  A late fee of $50 will be applied if late in addition to $10/day until rent is made current.

Rental fees, minus the property management fees are ACH deposited in your account by the 10th of each month.  This gives us ample time to establish tenants checks have cleared.

The first property management fee is charged beginning month 2.

Buildium software allows you to monitor all financial and maintenance activity on your rental property.  For example, you can check each month to see the status of your renter’s payments or the cost of a maintenance call.

Do you have a home warranty? If so, please provide us with the information.

If your home is already rented and you would like us to property manage, we will write an addendum for the tenant and provide them with our information for a smooth transition. We will not make any changes or disrupt what they are familiar with.

When you are ready to sell, we are here for you as well.

Thank you for considering Desert Canyon Properties to manage your investment.  Should you have feedback about any of our policies or procedures, we are happy to talk about customizing a process that works for you.